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> Ok. I choose Cygwin, as it contains these files. Is this OK ?
> I've copied the files from this crappy system into my MSYS/MINGW tree.
> This is the same tree I'm using for my mozilla build environment.

I've not built anything on windows, let alone set up a build environment 
there, but "just copy random files around because they are asked for" sounds 
like a bad idea in nearly all cases.  Your errors seemt o indicate that at 
least some other header files are missing as well.

> gcc -Wall -O3 -ffast-math -std=c99 -fPIC -Ilibopenjpeg -c
> libopenjpeg/j2k_lib.c

Next thing (it probably isn't the reason for your trouble here) are your 
compile flags.  If you ever run into runtime trouble, probably nobody will 
help you with flags like -O3.

Just my 2ยข,

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