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Claus Berghammer (Bugzilla) wrote:
> I'm not shure if it is the same. I don't have "Resize window on zoom"
> and "Resize window on image size
> change" enabled, nor do I use the crop tool, as it is described in
> #555493. But the result is comparable (but not the exactly the SAME).

Can you provide a detailed step-by-step on how to reproduce the problem

> Using "Minus Key" is slow, because I have to type it several times,
> until I reach 100%. Using "Zoom Revert" doesn't do it either, because
> it also don't sends me back to 100%.

Where zoom revert takes you depend entire on your workflow. I admit that
it might not be very pleasant to make sure Zoom Revert always goes back
to 100% though.. I do however find it reasonable to zoom out with the -
key if you want to use the cursor as zoom focus point, or you can maybe
even just do a View -> Fit Image in Window. We can't tailor the zoom
behaviour for a specific use case, it needs to be general.

> And shall I write my arguments for a zoom operator key again into Bug
> 553534 (centering issues after image scaling and setting zoom to 100%)?

Again, I don' think a modifier key is a good idea.

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