tks wrote:
> My plug-in is currently depends on libXcursor. I think this will make
> it messy to build for Windows. (But I have no idea about it because I
> have never compiled any binary for Windows.)
> If I steel handleds of lines of code from the source of libXcursor, I
> will be able to remove that dependency.
> On the other hand, We will need to update the stolen code when
> libXcursor is updated in the future.
> Therefore, to steel, or not to steel: that is the question.
> Which is easy to maintain?
> tks


Without doubt we shall not steal because just as you say that would
require us to update the plug-in whenever the lib updates.

Instead, your patch should add a test for libXcursor to, in
the same manner as we test for a lot of other optional libs. Then in the you would test if libXcursor was found, and only build if it
was found.

Some keywords to google for:
Autoconf, Automake

Some files to look in:
And the various under the plug-ins directory.

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