Hi, sorry for my late replay.

Martin Nordholts wrote:
> Without doubt we shall not steal because just as you say that would
> require us to update the plug-in whenever the lib updates.
> Instead, your patch should add a test for libXcursor to configure.in, in
> the same manner as we test for a lot of other optional libs. Then in the
> Makefile.am you would test if libXcursor was found, and only build if it
> was found.
I did not think of not building!

> Some keywords to google for:
> Autoconf, Automake
> Some files to look in:
> http://svn.gnome.org/viewvc/gimp/trunk/configure.in?view=markup
> And the various Makefile.am:s under the plug-ins directory.
I appreciate your kindly teaching. It was well worth to ask here.

- tks
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