Alexandre Prokoudine ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote (in part) (on 2008-11-03 at 17:39):
 > Dropping on the Emtpy Image Window opens as layers (just as
 dropping on
 > > an already open image).
 > >
 > > To open them as separate images, drop on the toolbox instead.

 Doh! This should go to user manual for 2.6+  :-)  Thanks for telling!

As a Windows user had never heard of Gqview (though I see there is a Windows port available)

Original post appears to be equivalent to dragging multiple files from Windows Explorer. If attempting this it is (IMO) important to set Preferences-Window Management-Hint for toolbox to [Normal window]. If its' hint is set to [Utility window] then nothing appears on the taskbar and the Toolbox is likely to be hidden making it AFAICT impossible to drag multiple files and have them open as separate images.

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