On Monday 03 November 2008, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 1, 2008 at 9:48 AM, Brendan wrote:
> > When dropping two images from GQView to the Gimp "Empty Image Window"...I
> > get two layers in one image...Huh? Is this on purpose? Wouldn't it be
> > more rational to open two images, and not combine them into an image with
> > two layers?
> Oh, it wouldn't. Both use cases (opening as separate images and
> merging into one) are perfectly valid.

Valid vs. prudent is the question.
Do more people use it to combine layers or open a bunch of images?
When the New Image window is the only one around (for the Utility window -
reason given), how does one easily open two images? 

I have used the Gimp for a long time, and never have I thought "Hey, I want a 
layer from another image, let me drag it onto the window...". If I wanted to 
do that, perhaps dragging to the Layer box/window would be a more obvious 
choice? Dragging two images to the "Image Window" should treat them like two 
separate "Images". Just seems logical. I asked a bunch of people in my 
graphics dept, and they agreed.
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