Hi guys,

   Me again. 

As previously discussed, in order for the new jpeg-2000 plugin to be
useful, it is 
necessary to be able to save images with user selectable compression ratios.

I've taken a look at the jpg save setup in GIMP and have noted that there
is a quality 
slider, but, unless I'm missing something (which is possible - I only had a
quick look), 
it is not possible to interactively inspect the compressed image as the
slider is moved.

This is inefficient because artists won't know what the compressed image is
going to look 
like until they open it up again. It would be far better to be able to
adjust the image 
quality in real time.

So, my question - does GIMP provide the ability to do the above in some way
or do I need 
to write code to open a temporary inspection window within the save
callback ?

Follow on - this is some way off at the moment ... Jpeg-2000 supports
rectangular regions 
of interest (ROI) to enable some parts of an image to be compressed at
different levels 
from others, so for example, a sign with text could be compressed at high
quality so you 
can read it, whilst the background could be more fuzzy, as it's not so
important to be 
able to make out the detail so accurately. Is there some way we can mark
areas that don't get saved in the image, but that are available in the save
routine for 
ROI optimisation ? Layers ?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you are able to offer.

Best regards,

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