Hi David

> > I am currently developing a Gimp plug-in with a GTK+ user interface.
> > My plug-in is unstable if the user modifies the image or calls other
> > plug-ins while it is running.
> What version of GIMP are you using? This situation has been improved
> in 2.6, though there is still plenty of scope for further improvement.

Actually 2.4, in which ways has it improved in 2.6?

> Is there a way of "blocking" user interaction over the gimp window which
> > called the plug-in?
> No (and we probably would never implement it; it is pretty rude behaviour.)
> In the future, a locking facility to simply prevent the user from
> modifying an image while a plugin is running on it (or only when the
> plugin is actually reading/writing from/to the image) could be
> desirable.

This would be great!

Thanks again.
Lionel Tarazón Alcocer
PRHLT - Pattern Recognition and Human Language Technology Group
ITI - Instituto Tecnológico de Informática
UPV - Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Valencia, Spain
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