Woo -- there's now USD $23.97 behind the project of adding a loupe:

I'd like to see a stub Loupe Tool in the GIMP ... if the user selects
the tool, their browser is sent to the above page.

This could be done for other often-requested features. If the feature
appears in the menu, but just points to a URL, then there is a quick
way for users to indicate their desire for the feature, and even put $
behind their desire. When the feature is implemented, it replaces the
link to the FOSS Factory page.

This needn't be FOSS Factory -- obviously Bugzilla is the canonical
collection of feature requests, and a link to funding-oriented sites
can go in the Bugzilla comments.

Bugzilla would of course need a slight enhancement, to count the
number of users who hit the page from inside GIMP, and ensure that
they don't post a ME TOO comment.

It seems to me that this would help to prioritize Bugzilla feature
requests based on the usage of all users, rather than just the vocal
ones, as it is now.



On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 04:02:00PM -0400, Tom Rathborne wrote:
> FOSS Factory is making a business of aggregating sponsorship for
> Open Source projects. To get the ball rolling, they asked me to
> select some GIMP bugs and link them to FOSS Factory projects. I have
> done that for the following bugs:
> GIMP Bug 61019 – add a 'lock' flag per layer to protect it
>     http://www.fossfactory.org/project.php?p=p131
> GIMP Bug 421211 – add a pop-up loupe
>     http://www.fossfactory.org/project.php?p=p132
> I also posted this information to the bugzilla pages, so everyone
> interested in these particular bugs has been notified. Hopefully
> this will attract a bit of money that will attract a new or existing
> developer to these long-standing enhancement requests.

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