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Manfred Joerg <his...@wolke7.net> wrote:

> Hello,
> are there currently any plans to implement adjustment layers in Gimp? If no, 
> is there anybody who would like to support me doing it?
> I am an experienced software developer but I hardly know the source code of 
> Gimp. So I think I could do it with some help. I live in Stuttgart in the 
> South West of Germany. It would be very helpful to have somebody who can 
> answer questions like "where can I find this or that in the source code". 
> Before I start implementing it I would like to discuss it with an experienced 
> gimp developer.
> I think for many people the only one reason to use Photoshop instead of Gimp 
> is the missing adjustment layers feature in Gimp.
> I already sent this mail once but somehow it got not delivered. So I hope 
> that nobody will get it twice.

Look up Gegl. See what it's capable of. Check previous discussions here and 
elsewhere online.

AIUI, Adjustment layers (or an equivalent) are on the cards, but won't be here 
until Gegl is fully incorporated into Gimp. So if you want them sooner, you 
need to be looking at that.

Jon Senior <j...@restlesslemon.co.uk>
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