Manfred Joerg wrote:
> Hello,
> are there currently any plans to implement adjustment layers in Gimp? If no, 
> is there anybody who would like to support me doing it?
> I am an experienced software developer but I hardly know the source code of 
> Gimp. So I think I could do it with some help. I live in Stuttgart in the 
> South West of Germany. It would be very helpful to have somebody who can 
> answer questions like "where can I find this or that in the source code". 
> Before I start implementing it I would like to discuss it with an experienced 
> gimp developer.
> I think for many people the only one reason to use Photoshop instead of Gimp 
> is the missing adjustment layers feature in Gimp.
> I already sent this mail once but somehow it got not delivered. So I hope 
> that nobody will get it twice.

Hi Manfred

There are plans for adjustment layers but before it makes sense to start
adding such things to GIMP GEGL needs to be more integrated. We would
love getting help here so anything you are able to do that brings us
closer to adjustment layers is appreciated. The hard part will not be to
add adjustment layers once GEGL is integrated, the hard part is actually
getting GEGL integrated in a good way.

I am more than happy to help you get into the code base so you can get
started. I am sure the other devs also will help you out when you ask
for it. For casual discussion it is better if you hang around in #gimp @ (my nick is Enselic).

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