On the main GIMP website they had a statement regarding your concerns :

"The terms of usage and rules about copying are clearly listed in the
GNU General Public License."

And here is the document : http://www.gimp.org/about/COPYING

..so good luck with the book - feel free to ask for here and there,
tips and tricks - I have experiance in DTP / Web design - where I use
GIMP + Inkscape for all my works now ( I know also very well
Photoshop, Photopaint because I've coming from $MS world ).

[ The only reason because I don't do myself a book about GIMP in
romanian language is the lack of time ]

Also, for tips / tricks ( Inkscape + GIMP ) in romanian language - you
can try http://nicubunu.ro/
or search in Google for 'Nicu Buculei gimp'.

Alte resurse utile ( probabil ;) ) pentru bibliografie :


probabil ar fi utile cateva randuri in carte despre licentele Creative
Commons, acum disponibile in Romania ( artistii vor avea nevoie de ele
) :


Mult succes !.

2009/1/8 Irina Rotariu <rotariuirinastef...@gmail.com>:
> hi
> i work in education and, during my activities with the kids, they ask me
> questions about working with images in GIMP.
> so, my idea is writing a book which helps them use the program. this book
> would be only for educational purposes, because there are not many students
> here in Romania who can afford some more expensive alternatives to GIMP, but
> their talent and possibilities in obtaining excellent results in image
> manipulation are questionless.
> i know that GIMP is a GNU program, but i have some questions about using the
> GIMP trademark (including name of the program, names of menus or different
> procedures etc).
> i am concerned about the copyright and about the possible fees which i might
> owe to the GIMP team and developpers.
> i hope you can give me more info about this, or about the legal procedures
> to be followed in my situation.
> hope to hear from you soon.
> best regards,
> irina
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