Hi there --

just got this from Louis.
I can  handle the estimated costs and assemble a spreadsheet as I've done 
in '07. -
So I'd like those of you who intend to go to Montreal on the beginning of May  
send me your travel estimates (please use the gmail address -  
gwid...@gmail.com as I've had blacklisting problems with this .br one)

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Subject: LGM 2009 Travel cost estimation
Date: Tuesday 20 January 2009
From: "Louis Desjardins" <louis.desjard...@gmail.com>
To: "Bryce Harrington" <bryce@>, "Joao S. O. Bueno" <gwid...@mpc.com.br>, mrb@
Hi Bryce, Joao and Craig,

* Please feel free to reforward this email to the person in your team that
could help gather the estimated travel costs for the LGM participants.

So here we are! We need to establish a rough budget for now and for this I
would need within the next 2 weeks a fair estimate of the travel costs per
team. Please include the name of the developers and the amount for the
flight or train or car to Montreal. This can be in Euros or USD, as needed.
Try to be as precise as possible.

My first rough bet is we're looking at 40K USD but it could be more or
less... I need to know.

Also, if anyone can give a hand with the sponsors, we would all be happy!

Please let me hear some feedback. You can cc all so we all know who's in
charge of what, who responded and what.


Looking forward to welcome you again in MTL!


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