On Fri, 2009-02-13 at 15:41 +1030, David Gowers wrote:
> I had just pasted a piece of image (copied from a layer without alpha,
> pasted back on to a layer without alpha) and, as I clicked to anchor
> it, GIMP crashed with this message:
> ERROR:gegl-node.c:1929:gegl_node_remove_child: assertion failed:
> (child_priv->parent == self || child_priv->parent == NULL)
> I'm guessing this is a fairly simple mistake, so I posted here (mainly
> for Mitch's benefit).  It's difficult to reproduce, though.
> I had only used pencil (with 1px brush) and bucketfill (threshold = 0)
> before the crash occurred.

I was able to reproduce it and fixed it.

Thanks for spotting

2009-02-13  Michael Natterer  <mi...@gimp.org>

        * app/core/gimpdrawable.c (gimp_drawable_sync_source_node): need
        to rip the floating selection's source node out of its layer's
        graph before using it in the floating selection sub-graph, and
        need to plug it back there when it's not a floating selection any


        Also introduce a "fs_crop_node" that makes sure the floating
        selection stops at the drawable's boundaries.

        (gimp_drawable_visibility_changed): use item->node instead of
        gimp_item_get_node() because the latter creates the node on

        * app/core/gimpdrawable-private.h: add fs_crop_node member.

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