the start of Google's Summer of Code is getting closer.

They have published:

1. Official logos


I'm planning to add a news item to www.gimp.org once they do provide
scaled-down versions of their logos that can be used there.

2. Flyers


Already translated into a number of languages, but any help to get them
translated even more - and of course get them spread  - is appreciated.

3. Program FAQ


Useful information, especially for people who have not been involved in
the past years. Including the...

4. Program Timeline


For potential mentors: this means that you should be reachable for your
students starting from at least end of April to end of August. Holidays
are possible, of course, if this is know to either one of you and
preferably other people (like organization admins) as well.

5. Project Proposals

Our project proposals page is at

Before you add anything there, please drop by at the #gimp IRC channel
(irc://irc.gimp.org/#gimp, http://www.gimp.org/irc.html) for a quick
reality check regarding the proposed project - the developers will
usually be able to tell if something is too trivial, too complex, too
weird (as most of my ideas) or suitable for Summer of Code


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