GIMP 2.6.5 is another bug-fix release in the stable GIMP 2.6 series.
The source can be downloaded from or from one of the
mirrors listed at Binary packages
for the various supported platforms should become available soon; please
check the Downloads section on

Overview of Changes from GIMP 2.6.4 to GIMP 2.6.5

* Bugs fixed:

 571628 – Scaling image to 25% turn background from white to grey
 567840 – GIMP's GtkScaleButton conflicts with GTK's
 569043 – GEGL tool - missing Operation Settings for all sub-tools
 568890 – don't rely on GtkAction implementation details
 568909 – wrong RGB values for color names in
 568839 – wrong hex RGB value for the color names slategrey and
 559408 - Brushes dragged to the image window look strange
 563337 – Rectangle Select Tool does not allow 1:1 fixed ratio
 568016 – Black pullout parameter of plug-in-newsprint has no effect
 562818 – First image opened in GIMP offset
 562213 – Align Tool doesn't work properly if it is the active tool
          at startup

* Updated translations:

 Spanish (es)
 Estonian (et)
 Hindi (hi)
 Italian (it)
 Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)
 Romanian (ro)
 Russian (ru)
 Serbian (sr)
 Tamil (ta)
 Simplified Chinese (zh_CN)

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