I was pointed here from gimptalk to ask my question here. If this is not
the correct place, please accept my appologies and point me in the right

I have openSUSE 11.0 running GIMP 2.6. I also have two screens (Displays)
that I use in traditional dual screen, so no Xinerama.

What I want to do is open two images and one toolbox. However I want to
have one image on one display :0.0 and the other on :0.1

When I use --display and try it individually. When I first open one and
then the next one, only one toolbox is open and both images are availble
on the same display. I can then move one image to the other display.

I am looking for a way to do this from the commandline and as far as I can
tell this is not possible. As far as I can tell the --display is accepted
on the first instance, but not on the second.

Is there a way to do this? If not, will this be something that could be
implemented in a newer version?

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