I am a developer working on scanning software which provides a Gimp 
plugin interface. As of Gimp 2.6, our plugin is placed in the wrong 
location in the menu, and is grayed out until the user creates or opens 
a new document.

I have been unable to find any up to date documentation or anything 
documenting the changes to the plugin API for 2.6.

I have been able to figure out how to place the menu entry under the 
File->Create menu (used to be Acquire) by looking at the code to the 
screenshot plugin. However, I still have the problem that my menu entry 
is grayed out until a new document is created or opened.

I don't quite fancy trying to figure this out by trial and error, so I 
thought I'd post here to see if anyone happens to know how to fix this.

As a sidenote I was wondering why the screenshot plugin defines its menu 
entry as "<Image>/File/Create/Acquire", but the menu entry shows up as 
File->Create->Screenshot. Why is the extra "Acquire" there?

Thanks in advance.

Alesh Slovak                    Linux Team -- AVASYS Corporation
alesh.slo...@avasys.jp          http://avasys.jp

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