first of all, the application is called GNU Image Manipulation Program,
or short GIMP, but not "The Gimp". Please try to keep that in mind.

On Sun, 2009-03-08 at 18:56 +0530, sumith pandilwar wrote:

> I am ineterested to apply for Gsoc 2009 - the gimp org.In the ideas of
> Gsoc 2008 there was a idea of implementing brushes that could be
> scaled up in a lossless way using svg files as brushes.I have the code
> of gimp 2.64 .So i need help to know what to start with. I will be
> very much thankful to receive some advice.

If you want to work on GIMP, you should check out current trunk from the
Subversion repository at svn.gnome.org. The brush transformation code in
trunk is quite different from GIMP 2.6 already. It should be very easy
to add support for SVG brushes. Perhaps even too easy for a GSoC
project. But we would first need to look at this in more detail. Can you
give a more detailed description of what you have in mind for your


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