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>  How useful are brush pipes (or image hoses) really? As far as I can see
> their primary use is for simulating brush transformations. We can
> already do that better on the fly.

Use of image hose for brush transformation is abuse that hopefully is no
longer needed. They are useful ho ever for complex animated brushes and as
such should remain to be supported. I myself have made for example a hose
brush that creates weaving lines. Another use is grass and fur brushes that
need random and varying shaped stamps. All very valid and common usecases.

Supporting SVG hoses would allow for much better quality bushes for such

I have been thinking about SVG as direct brush format and I think that using
specifically named meta data fields for the SVG should be enough. I think
its important to allow the use of stock inkscape to create such brushes.

For multiple stamps in one file layers should be used just like for image
hoses now in gimp.


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