Thank you for your introduction. I'm forwarding this letter to
gimp-developer mail list that I suggest you join. There may be questions
from other developers. Also all other students interested in GSoC projects
will be there.

On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 2:12 PM, H <> wrote:

> Sir,
> I am Hiran Venugopalan, a final year Computer Science & Engineering Student
> from Vidya Academy, Thrissur, Kerala, India. [1]  I am being a GNU/Linux
> User for the past 5 years and had worked on various project specially
> concentrated to Local Language.[2]
> GIMP is one of the first FOSS tool that I started to use, as like many
> others and I still use it along with Inkscape and Blender for graphical
> designing activities. I have also designed some fonts namely Rufscript,
> Perizia and Dyuthi and had contributed to some font projects like Samyak,
> Freefonts etc. [3] - thats all on my designing experiences. "aesthetic"
> qualities!
> The font Dyuthi was done as a part of GSoC 2007 [4]
> I am heavly intrested on UI usability and related stuffs. Indeed I am in a
> plan to get inside GNOME Usability. I am really willing to be a part of GIMP
> Project. I love to do the UI brush dynamics project. [5] I have some
> knowledges in C and Python and had worked with some relatively small
> projects on Local Language Computing. The another quality that I see as per
> you requirements that I dont have a " deep knowledge of image processing." I
> wish to be a part of this Project, through or not through SoC.
> For this week end I am busy, due to some family events and academic things.
> I will  make a study on what I understood from your project idea and will
> mail. Consider this as an introduction. Also if you have some links or
> details to provide, you could mail them to me.
> Links
> 1
> 2
> 3
> 4
> 5
> --
> H
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