Hi all,

I'm a Msc student of CS in the Inter diceplinery center in Herzliya, Israel.
my main interests are image proccesing, image manipulation, computational
photography and 2nd computer graphics.

from the list of suggested ideas for the GIMP GSoC I saw that the main
project suggestions are mainly for GUI and stuff like that,
are there any project idea's that involve image manipulation?

for example, there had been papers on "gradient domain editing", such as
http://www.cs.tau.ac.il/~tommer/extra/adv-graphics/pie2003.pdf and I wonder,
can something like this, or like "colorization by example" such as
or "natural colorization" such as

can something like that become a GSoC project?

Thank you!

Irena Damsky
you can also find me on MSN: ira_dam...@hotmail.com

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