El Martes, 24 de Marzo de 2009 03:03:36 Guillermo Espertino escribió:
> > Does that indicate that separate+ is what needs to be enhanced, rather
> > than the core application?
> This discussion was about a PDF export plugin at the beginning.
> I was trying to make evident that a PDF export plugin is probably
> useless without CMYK/SPOT/VECTOR LAYERS, and improving and integrating
> the Separate+ Plugin instead of focusing on a PDF exporter would make
> sense and a big difference.

I totally agree with Gez.
a PDF export plugin now as if you uses convert image.jpg image.pdf from 

Its more usable to improve separate first and later, when CMYK/SPOT/VECTOR 
LAYERS where integrated on Gimp, make a 
complete pdf export plugin.

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