I'm Chandana Bandara, an undergraduate from Dept. of Computer Science and
Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka and I am very pleased to
develop one of the projects *Highlights-Shadow compression*/*Improve
Foreground Selection Tool*/*Fractal Resizing* described in GSoC 2009 Project
Ideas page.

I have been using GIMP for more than 1 year and became very interested using
it. Since GIMP is a FOSS tool, I have a desire to contribute and make it
more useful and attractive for future users. Apart from that I am more keen
to do graphical manipulation for an e.g. when I was in my grade 9-10 I wrote
a car racing game using Quickbasic. There I used to capture texts as images
and do mathematic operations (apply sin/cos operations) on them and show
colorfully decorated ways.

Now I have a good knowledge in image processing such as various algorithms
in scaling, enhancement, foreground removal, etc.. (by the module I have
covered for Image processing in my 3rd year) and have a good knowledge in C
and Java. Be honest I have never done GTK+ development but I have done
little QT development about two years back. I am very sure that it will be
not difficult to follow up the GTK tutorials and grab what is necessary out
of it to do this project.

I highly appreciate if you can see the do-ability of these projects for me.
Thank you.

Chandana Bandara
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