hi all,

at the end of may I am again teaching an interaction design
course at the FH Voralrberg (university of applied sciences).

here is the plan: the course is in the form of a design project,
and the students work in small teams on a UI concept for GIMP.
all (4) teams work on the same design problem. after the thing
is over and they got their grades, I will take the overall concept
further using their ideas and then spec a solution.

so now we need a design problem. the course is short but
intense, 3 days with me full-time to work up a solutions model
and then they take some days to finish their presentation.

so now huge redesign problems, more something like a compact tool.
(like the free/poly select tool), or a tricky interactive dialog
(like, combined brightness/contrast + levels + curves).

please post your suggestions what we could do.


         founder + principal interaction architect
             man + machine interface works

         http://mmiworks.net/blog : on interaction architecture

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