[I hope it is appropriate to post here though I am not qualified to be a
"developer".  I posted this on gimp-user and got no feedback.  I noted
on bugzilla that somebody with an RFE was scolded for not bringing up
the subject here first.]

I am Using Gimp 2.6.6 on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) Linux.

I have not been able to find any way to:
   Set "Preferences" defaults (either through GUI or rc files)...
   Get Gimp to remember settings within a user session...
   Get Gimp to remember from one Gimp session to another...
for the following...

In the dialog box:

   Image... Canvas Size...

- Layers... The dialog _always_ seems to default to "None" instead of
"All Layers".  I want to set a default of "All Layers".

- Canvas Size... The 'link' symbol at the top, between the two pixel
sizes, reverts every time to "linked" status.  It seems that it has to
be "unlinked" every time if you wish to change only one of the
dimensions of the canvas (or change them differently).  I want to be
able to have this default to "unlinked" so that I can change them
independently without having to click the link/unlink.

- Canvas Size... The method of measurement always defaults to pixels.
For my work, it would be easier for me to see/manipulate inches or cm.

I have to do highly repetitive work involving thousands of images, thus
a small thing like link/unlink means clicking thousands of times.


I thought that certainly there must be a way to change such defaults for
a particular Gimp installation.... or at the very least, for a
particular user session of running Gimp.

Am I missing something?

Is there an rc file that I can create (or add to) that will give this
type of control.

Does this require a plug-in?  Is there one that will do it? Is there a
plug-in that will allow the user control over _all_ the defaults?  (The
model that comes to mind is the firefox/thunderbird about:config setting


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