Jay Smith writes:
> In the dialog box:
>    Image... Canvas Size...
> - Layers... The dialog _always_ seems to default to "None" instead of
> "All Layers".  I want to set a default of "All Layers".

I too would love this to be remembered. I usually want "All
image-sized layers" but it gets to be a hassle to change it,
so I usually don't and then find I need to resize the layers later.

Developers: if someone were to make a patch to do this, would it be

If so, would it be better to have it always remember the last
setting, or to introduce a new preference for which setting the
user wants as default for each session?

> - Canvas Size... The 'link' symbol at the top, between the two pixel
> sizes, reverts every time to "linked" status.  It seems that it has to
> be "unlinked" every time if you wish to change only one of the
> dimensions of the canvas (or change them differently).  I want to be
> able to have this default to "unlinked" so that I can change them
> independently without having to click the link/unlink.
> - Canvas Size... The method of measurement always defaults to pixels.
> For my work, it would be easier for me to see/manipulate inches or cm.

I haven't hit those two myself, but if I were to change the "Resize
layers" option and people thought it was worth doing these two, I
could look into doing them at the same time.

And while we're talking about options I want to change every time:
two more I'd love to have remembered is in the JPEG Save dialog,
"Preview" and "Save thumbnail". I always want Preview (why would
anyone ever move the quality slider and not want to see a preview?)
and I never want EXIF thumbnails, but there's no way to save those
settings. I tend to hack them in my own copy of GIMP, but I'd love
to do a patch for JPEG save that would remember all the options
in the dialog, across sessions. Is there any chance that would be

I know there's a proposal in bugzilla to write a general mechanism
for all plug-ins to remember their settings; but that proposal has
been there through three major releases and there's no consensus
on how to do it, and in the meantime, fixing JPEG save is something
that could potentially help a lot of people.

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