Thank you for the feedback Øyvind.  I think that, at this point, I
should probably narrow my topic down to adding GPU-support for
GeglBuffer and two of the GEGL classes you've mentioned above.  I will
delegate implementation of the GPU-support for resamplers as optional
for this year's GSoC.

However, as I have noted in my introduction, my primary motivation for
joining GSoC is to kick-start my way to being a regular Gimp
contributor.  After GSoC, I will most probably continue to work on
adding GPU-support for GEGL as well as contribute to Gimp's greater

I've thought of "OpenGL GPU-support for GEGL" as my new topic name but
I'm open to more precise suggestions.  :-)

Moreover, dear Gimp developers, I'm also interested in "Improved
Foreground Selection Tool" as another topic proposal.  I know that
another prospected GSoC student has expressed interest in this topic,
but competition is supposed to be good, right?  ;-)  I'd also
appreciate to hear your thoughts regarding this last matter.

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