Looking at bugzilla.gnome.org for GIMP bugs, I noticed that some of the 
GIMP bugs are marked with hearts, some with yellow X symbols, and one 
with both.  While browsing the bugbase, I discovered that the heart 
symbol was associated with GNOME-love keyword, that is, a project 
suitable for newbies.

However, I can't seem to find what the yellow X means, even after 
looking at bugs that have it.  There's no alt attribute to enlighten me, 
either.  My initial thought was it meant "we're never going to do this" 
but after discovering GNOME-love, I thought it might mean "GNOME-hate," 
that is a project that would make newbies run screaming from the thought 
of contributing to open source software.  But then why would it be on a 
GNOME-love bug?

Can anyone enlighten me, please?

Charles Belov
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