Thank for clearing

I also searched the bugzilla report for overlay mode but i could not find it 

But instead i find a  interesting proposal of Jao O Buono that, i believe
risk to be forgotten  because  posted in a no so strictly related topic
(here )
i quote  since is short

>"... since a long time,i envision a GIMP capable of using  new layer >modes on 
>the fly. 

>The GEGL when used as an engine should add this ability, and this is being
>tracked at Bug #161449.

>However even after that is implemented, and GEGL is used widespread >inside 
>the GIMP, a UI for CUSTOM layer modes will need to be written. >This surely 
>have a default layer mode listing, and the proposed modes could certainly >be 

The possibility to add "CUSTOM " layer modes (here i think mostly to modes used 
in Photoshop but missed in gimp as exclusion, pin light, vivid light...) will 
be very useful, even in the case would be a "advanced" option requiring some 
fiddling from users, and maybe precaution when saving

here,I can't imagine how that may be done but if possible would be quite useful

thank for your work ,correct application of merging mode is in my opinion 
fundamental  for sw as Gimp

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