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> Alchemie foto\grafiche wrote:
>>> Spontaneously I don't think custom layer modes is a good
>>> idea. Might be
>>> fun for programmers to play with, but graphic
>>> professionals?

There is a patch for such a thing for GIMP in bugzilla (with GEGL as a
product). I do not think this is a very good idea though.

>> Actually Graphic professional do complain ,but for missed option:
>> for the absence in Gimp of modes they learned to use in Photoshop as 
>> Exclusion,Vivid light or Pin light.
> I'm all for adding the missing layer modes. But just as David I think
> the customizability part should be in the form of programmers writing
> custom GEGL ops.

GEGL already has too many blending modes (36) to be meaningfully
presented to most users. I guess it would make sense to trim down the
existing set, and perhaps offer the more arcane modes (both existing
GIMP ones and arcane ones from other software, in an additional

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