Dear all,


Can anyone tell me if it's possible to simplify/customize the GIMP
interface for kids to use? We're interested in using GIMP with an
inexpensive digital camera. 


We want to simplify things so that a kid could : 


1.      Easily paste custom clipart (like how a rubber stamp works) 
2.      Easily apply a custom frame to the photo (Preferably, the frame
would automatically re-size to fit the photo).


We also want to simplify the interface. Possibly by closing the default
tool palette and having a simple subset of those tools on a new floating


Is this possible to do with GIMP? How? Are there any legal obstacles? We
want to distribute this modified software on a CD-Rom with the camera
(and include the source code of course). The only thing that we wouldn't
be able to share with the public would be the clipart and frames which
would have copyrighted characters from a children's brand.  The clipart
and frames would reside on the CD-Rom.


And is there a developer in this forum who would be able to do it for
us? Please send me a quote.


Thank you.


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