Hi all,

Thanks for all your help and replies.

I downloaded TuxPaint and gave it a try. The interface is
straightforward but the process of getting JPEG's from the digital
camera we're selling into PNG format and then into the proper folder in
order to open the files seems like a lot of work. (We're using Windows).

So it seems like a customization of GIMP may be our best option. Is
there anyone out there in GIMP developer land that would be able to
develop the simpler, kid friendly modification for us? (Please see my
original e-mail for some more details). 

If you're able to develop this for us, please e-mail me and send me a


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On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 12:12 AM, Andrew A. Gill wrote:

> I'm not sure about TuxPaint

I am, in opposite, very sure about Tuxpaint. We've tried it in schools
here and it's really good for younger pupils.

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