Tobias Ellinghaus schrieb:
> Am Samstag, 20. Juni 2009 schrieb yahvuu:
> [...]
>> Can you give an outline how the print color for that text will be
>> specified? The RGB color isn't useful here and the text layer can't be
>> accessed while the press projection is pulled over, IIUC. So each artwork
>> layer will have a custom color separation setting resp. color mapping?
> From Peter's blog post:
> "However there will be full flexibility to map the content of any layer 
> directly to any plate. For instance that light blue text in our example: it 
> can be directly mapped from its text layer to the light blue plate, bypassing 
> the composite."
> I understand that you can use layers as plates.

yep, that's the desired effect here. For the single-ink text example, a bit more
than filling the light blue plate to 100% is required, though, as the other
plates have to be set to 0% for that area.

My question is how and where such a layer->plate mapping will be specified,
for example when i want my text to be (0, 0, 50%, 50% ,0) on the five plates.


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