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> I like this approach.
> I have a few questions:
> Will each plate have a density or opacity attribute?  (some inks are
> more opaque than others)

I guess that the complexities of ink simulation start showing here.

> Will it be possible to edit an individual plate in grayscale?

well, as pippin said: the individual plates _are_ grayscale/monochrome
drawables. they will be editable just like layer masks or selections.

> And finally, will it be possible to perform operations on the RGB
> portion of the image that do not take (immediate) effect on the
> projection?  For example, if I want to go back and add a portion of my
> RGB artwork to a plate, I might want to clone and existing RGB layer,
> perform some modifications, then apply the contents of that new layer
> to one of the plates.

I am curious why you want to do something like that, because you
are then going against the grain of the whole plan: freedom to develop
the artistic concept further without (much) rework on the plates.


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