I think GIMP lacks an extremely useful feature for graphics tablet 
users. That's stroke/movement smoothing.

Graphics tablets can be very slippery and very slow and precise movement 
control may require a lot of effort. My suggestion is to add an 
"inertia" (mass) or smoothing feature in one of the next version of GIMP 
in order to solve this problem for certain users.

A good example of this implementation can be found in Inkscape, where 
for certain tools there's a "mass" parameter which the higher it is, the 
more movement smoothing is applied.

A japanese programmer has made a source code modification (patch) which 
enables this feature on GIMP by apply the moving average of cursor 
movement. The patch (diff file) for version 2.6.6 can be found here:

The filename is "gimp-painter--20090618.diff"

The page (and its referring one) unfortunately is completely in 
japanese. The diff file patch actually contains two modifications: 
G-Pen, which is the patch for movement smoothing, and MixBrush, which 
enables a more advanced paintbrush blending feature, but it's not the 
scope of this email to speak about that.

I don't know much about programming, but maybe an experienced GIMP coder 
can take a look at it and tell if it could be possible to implement it 
soon on future versions of GIMP? I think it would be a great feature to 
have for tablet users.

Thanks for your time,
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