Now that I have completed the steps, I'll post the GIT patch
submission procedure for others.

Checkout GEGL and/or GIMP
        git clone git://git.gnome.org/gegl destination-folder-name
        git clone git://git.gnome.org/gimp destination-folder-name

Complete installation

Create local branch
        git checkout -b branch-name origin/master

Do changes while on this branch, commit often (this will NOT affect
other people's repository)
        git commit -a -m "Message"

When finished (and committed code one final time) do
        git pull --rebase

Fix merge errors, re-execute your test code, commit again if necessary

Create the patch (which will output outlines of your commits)
        git format-patch origin/master..branch-name -o output-folder

Tarball output-folder

Go to bugzilla.gnome.org (register if you have not yet) and click New Bug
        follow steps, make sure you select GEGL or GIMP (whichever applies)
        in attachments section, upload the tarball of your output-folder
        attach other relevant files (XML test files, execution times etc.)

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