Danko Dolch schrieb:
> A node view is your friend and sould not be hidden from the user - just
> entry level users have a better understnding from a "physical pipeline
> based view" than a complex layer tree...
> But Rome wasn't build in a day  either - I know - first things first ;-)

well, we'll talk about that later... when GIMP 3.x users already have finished
their compositions by the time you're still fiddling with your beloved node 
view :->>>

> [..] memory requirements have to be
> considered carefully - think about someone editing a simple satelite
> image (eg. blue marble second generation) 86400x43200px - it takes about
> 14GB per 32bit RGBA layer - if you store 10 operator states you will
> have a lot of GB for only one still image ;-)

actually, it's not that bad -- only what's on the screen has to be rendered
and cached. So unless you take the time to pan through the whole image at
100% view, the cache size should stay within reasonable limits.


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