Kevin Cozens a écrit :
> On 07/21/2009 03:57 PM, Nico wrote:
>> I have got enough 2 problems :
>> - I can't run it on a directory that have a peripheric location on
>> Windows (DVD, usb-key...) - look at the SF-DIR return
> I can't comment much on this. The script should not care where the files 
> are located.

I see that there is a problem with dirname that have é ç à or è... under
Linux. I mean that is encoding problem

But I tri :

> (file-glob "/home/nico/Téléchargement/*.jpg" 1)
(2 ("/home/nico/T" "/home/nico/T"))

> (file-glob "/home/nico/Téléchargement/*.jpg" 0)
(2 ("/home/nico/T" "/home/nico/T"))

And then problem to list the files :(

Do you know how I can fix it ?


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