On Saturday 25 July 2009, Nico wrote:
> Hi
> Is it possible to send data (http and/or ftp) in a script-fu plugin ?
> Some examples ?
> Wich way ?
> Nico

The Scheme intrpreter used in script-fu it is there because an scheme 
interpreter is tiny enough to fit inside the source tree. (And for historical 
reasons as well, of course.) There are no libraries or moduyle to provide the 
tiny-fu scheme with much outside the GIMP API and some basic file I/O.
So, while with unixish systems it is possible to provide a pipe/socket setup 
to make tiny-fu scripts answer network requests, that is not the way to do it.

For doing larger applications, you should use plug-ins in a language that can 
make full use of libraries and modules manintained outside of the GIMP 
project.  The oficial high level language supported for GIMP plug-ins is 
Python, and it is  easy to make data available via vairous network protocols 
using Python's standard libraries.

There re also gimp bindings for perl (although I think this is currently 
unmaintained) and ruby should you prefer these languages. 


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