Nico wrote:
> Is it possible to send data (http and/or ftp) in a script-fu plugin ?
It is not possible to do this with a default installation of GIMP. 
Socket handling functions exist for the TinyScheme interpreter in 
something called TinyScheme Extensions (tsx) which can be found at

It is a set of run-time loadable extensions for TinyScheme that adds 
functions related to sockets, file I/O, date and time, plus getenv and 
system calls. Currently, the loading of TinyScheme extensions is 
disabled by default.

If you want to get your hands dirty you could get tsx working with 
Script-Fu but it would require compiling GIMP (or the Script-Fu 
component) yourself. Run-time loadable extensions would need to be 
enabled, tsx compiled to exclude building of its file I/O and date 
routines (which are already included in Script-Fu), then building and 
installing tsx.

Admittedly, it is not something that average user would want to tackle. 
I was planning on enabling the run-time loading of extensions by 
TinyScheme. Perhaps, now is the time to do itn.


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