I don't know if this is a bug, but it doesn't seem a normal behavior so 
I'm reporting it.

Let's start from the beginning: I'm a Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet user who 
uses GIMP 2.6 under Windows 7 RC. Intuos tablet drivers enable different 
pen and tablet settings depending on the active program. So I have set 
up my personal keys and shortcuts configuration for gimp-2.6.exe ... but 
the problem starts here.

It appears that when I hover the pen cursor inside the active image 
window (where you draw, etc), tablet drivers don't recognize the area to 
be part of GIMP anymore.

How I discovered this: I've set up the main side button of the pen to 
execute CTRL-Z (undo). This combination works as long as the cursor is 
over any toolbar (main toolbar, color toolbar, layers, etc). But when 
it's inside the active image window, pen settings revert to default ones 
(side switch = right click). Oddly enough, if I hover the pen to the 
title bar of the active image window (where there are the filename, 
attributes and window control icons), the custom GIMP-2.6.exe controls 
I've set up start to work again.

Is this a GIMP/GTK bug? If not, how can I solve it?
Can other Intuos tablet user verify is the same happens on their Windows pc?

Thanks in advance.

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