At first: Sadly I am no programmer, but maybe there is a friendly, interested 
person out there who could make this:

There exists a texture format (VTF), which is used by the Source game engine.

There also exists an open library:

and also a PhotoShop plug-in:

But sadly nothing for GIMP.
If it wouldn't be too much work, could a nice person please try to port it over 
and add it to the GIMP plug-in database?

Btw: It's not only me who is requesting this. There are many other people out 
there, but sadly no one began to make one.
I also asked the developer of the PhotoShop plug-in, but he said, that he don't 
want to support another one, because of the fact, that he hasn't much time and 
is already programming two plug-ins for PS and also Pain.Net (besides all the 
other projects, he is working on).

Thanks, if anyone wants to do us a favour!

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