I have written a script to fractalize a path (vector) and wanted to
register it in the paths menu.
Here is my register statements:

(script-fu-register "fractalize_path"
                                "Fractalize Path..."
                    "Fractalize the active path."
                    "Rob Antonishen"
                    "Rob Antonishen"
                    "July 2009"
                    SF-IMAGE      "image"              0
                    SF-DRAWABLE   "drawable"           0
                    SF-ADJUSTMENT "Subdivisions"       (list 3 1 5 1 2
                    SF-ADJUSTMENT "Smoothness"         (list 5 0 20
0.1 1 1 SF-SLIDER)
                    SF-TOGGLE     "Interpolate First"  FALSE
                    SF-ADJUSTMENT "Interpolate Pixels" (list 50 15 100
1 10 0 SF-SLIDER)

(script-fu-menu-register "fractalize_path"

And the error I get is:
attempted to install <Vectors> procedure "fractalize-path" which does
not take the standard <Vectors> Plug-In arguments: (INT32, IMAGE,

Is it not possible to register a script-fu with a number of different
parameters into that menu location?

I have successfully registered scripts into other locations like
<Gradients> and Layers using this mechanism.

-Rob A>
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