I have seen the question of how to give a name for a script/plugin in
many places, and most recently here:
Although there are no standard naming rules, I suggest that we styart
to use strict naming rules.

For example - script-fu-3dtruchet. Without reading the exact
description, you would have no idea whether it works on an image, a
layer, whether ir creates something new, etc.
Another example plug-in-spheredesigner. It is unclear from the name
whether it works on an active layer, or whether it creates a new

Now, if we decide that this is "obvious" and that all plugins do work
on the same layer unless it was specified otherwise, then plug-in-film
for example, does not match with this standard (since it creates a new

most gimp plug-ins should be renamed, to be plug-in-render-XXX,
plug-in-distort-XXX, script-fu-ctreate-XXX, etc. I know that this will
probably break hundreds of scripts and plugins, so it would be hard to
do. My suggestion (which is the only way in which I can see how no API
uses will be broken) is to allow from now on for each script/pattern
to register in two ways
1. The normal usual way
2. A "suuport old usage" way, which registers a script/plugin so it
won't be viewed in the procedure browser, but it would still be there.

A script which wasn't updated (or doesn't need updating) will continue
to show in the procedure browser, and scripts/plugins that use method
2. will be able to register procedures for "depreceated usage" by
registering to a "depreceated" procedure browser (the database of
procedures will be shared between the two procedure browsers, however
from now on the gui of the procedure browser will show only
non-depreceated functions unless specified to show both).

gimp_install_procedure will continue to work in the usual way, and
gimp_install_depreceated_procedure (this is the new suggested
function) will register a "depreceated" procedure.
This way, we don't brake anything and it will make new plugin/script
writers start using the new procedures since they will see only the
new procedures.

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