Martin Nordholts wrote:
> then run GIMP and look at the brushes in the UI. Only the largest 
> Circle* brushes are available. But you can still execute File -> Create 
> -> Logos -> Frosty.. which uses "Circle Fuzzy (11)".
> Any comments on the proposed way to deal with obsolete resources?

Unfortunately since I'm using Windows there's not easy way for me to try 
this patch, but in my opinion from what you describe this seems a fair 
way to handle this problem.

I assume this is only a temporary workaround that will be eventually 
eliminated in future major versions of GIMP, right? Because at some 
point probably most of the current resources or those which will come 
out in next version will become obsolete, I think (when/if there will be 
major changes to the whole brush system, for example).

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