How do we imagine resource tagging in the future GIMP versions? It is
already usable as it is, but there are many ideas which may help to
make it better or worse.

First of all, multiple selection in resource windows. There is not
much discussion about it, as some time ago we decided that it is
important. I am working on it and it should be ready eventually. It is
possible to consider multiple selections for other windows as well
(layers, etc), but as Sven stated, it may be opening of can of worms
(therefore, later).

Considering how tagging could be integrated in other similar
applications and shared between them, some new ideas were suggested

Currently tag in GIMP is a simple text string. Therefore, when
switching LANG, the tags do not change (strings translated for user's
locale are installed once on the first run). It was suggested to make
tag a complex object, which contains all the translations all the
        <label xml:lang="en">see-aich</label>
        <label xml:lang="es">che</label>
The advantage is that tags would be translated correctly whenever user
changes language.

It is worth considering to share tags between various applications. In
such case tags would have to be stored in some shared directory. Also,
it is not entirely clear how multiple applications could read/write
the same XML file without ever corrupting it?

Suggestions please. What resource tagging in GIMP could be in 2.8 and
in the later versions?

[1] http://create.freedesktop.org/wiki/ResourceTagging
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