2009/8/13 Aurimas Juška wrote:

> First of all, multiple selection in resource windows. There is not
> much discussion about it, as some time ago we decided that it is
> important. I am working on it and it should be ready eventually. It is
> possible to consider multiple selections for other windows as well
> (layers, etc), but as Sven stated, it may be opening of can of worms
> (therefore, later).

It can be a can of worms from developers POV, but it's important for
end-users :) Whenever it's introduced, it will be most welcome, I
assure you :)

> It is worth considering to share tags between various applications. In
> such case tags would have to be stored in some shared directory. Also,
> it is not entirely clear how multiple applications could read/write
> the same XML file without ever corrupting it?

You mean how to deal with situation when multiple applications open
such a file for reading/writing simultaneously?

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