Martin Nordholts wrote:

> I think the current brush outline for fuzzy brushes is too big. The 
> attached patch improves the brush outline for fuzzy brushes (see 
> screenshot [1]). If using a higher threshold doesn't result in any 
> outline at all, the patch fallbacks to the old brush outline so that a 
> brush outline always is shown even if the brush only has low-intensity 
> values.

In my opinion the idea of the brush outline is that it represents its 
total area of effect, or in other words, the area where pixels will be 
affected in a way or another while drawing. The brush outline for fuzzy 
brushes (assuming dynamics aren't applied) *looks* too big, but it 
actually isn't. This is most evident by drawing a few strokes with the 
fuzzy brush on a transparent layer and then adjusting the alpha level 
channel on Colors>Levels to coordinates (0;255) .

A more useful patch (in my opinion) for brush outlines would be making 
them change together with brush dynamics (even if the user isn't 
actually drawing, just moving the cursor on the drawing area) if they 
are enabled. This could be useful in many ways, but I have the 
impression it would lead to performance issues.

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