> I am trying to get PyGimp installed and working on Windows XP.  It seems
> like this should be easier than it used to be.  A quick google lead to
> several long install procedures.  I have been using PyGimp in Ubuntu and am
> quite happy with it, but I know need to use it in windows.
> Preparation:
> My computer has Python 2.5 and PyGTK.

I just did this recently on a new machine.

I installed according to this page:

# What do I need to do to get Python scripts to work?
# You have to install Python (as of GIMP 2.6.4, both Python 2.5 and
2.6 are supported), PyCairo, PyGObject and PyGTK. If you just intend
to use Python scripts from within GIMP, there is no need to install
GTK+ separately.
If you installed GIMP before installing Python, PyCairo, PyGObject and
PyGTK, run the GIMP installer again to install the GIMP Python

I followed links and installed the corresponding versions in the
correct order, then gimp.  It works.

FYI the versions I used were-


-Rob A>
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